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Ticket Check-in: Jean Shea, Abbe Tegzes, Cathy DeBoer
50-50 Tickets: Danielle (DeBoer) Elliott
Head Table: Jim & Charlene Cotton, Cathy & Ken DeBoer, Abbe & Jeff Tegzes
Commandant DeBoer opens the Birthday celebration
Chaplain Ron Naugle starts with a prayer
Jeff Tegzes explains the Birthday cake tradition
Unsheathing the cake cutter
Daniel Kelly, youngest Marine at the clebration, receives the fist serving of cake receives the
Michael Witsell, oldest Marine, receives birthday cake from Commandant Ken DeBoer
Commandant Lejeune's Birthday Message read by Tim Shea
Tegzes and Shea light the SmokingLamp
Not the oldest Marine, but certainly the oldest Marine uniform
Semper Fi Award - Jim and Charlene Cotton
Recruting Medal awarded to Dave Terwell
Community Service Award presented to Daniel Kelly
Marines of the Years congratulate 2021 Marine of the Year Larry George
Larry George awarded 2021 Marine of the Year
Vocal Point provided the music for the Birthday Ball
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