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Camp Bonnyman Range

Larry Balwin, Ray O'Day

Larry Winters

Robert Ballesteros and Jeff Tegzes

Charlotte Helton, Brian and Kyla Hackley, George Helton

Charlotte Helton provided two yummy cakes for lunch

Mike Muriello

Keith Lyman

George Helton

Mike "Nappy" Napierkowski THE ORGANIZER

Standing L to R: Kyla & Brian Hackley, Larry Winters, Keith Lyman, Larry Baldwin, Ray O'Day, Nappy, Robert Ballesteros. Kneeling L to R: Jeff Tegzes, Carlos Reyes, Jarrod Cooper. Not shown: Mike Muriello (Cooking), Tim Shea (Photographer)

Winners: Brian Hackley - 3rd rimfire; Keith Lyman - 3rd centerfire; Larry Baldwin - 1st centerfire, 2nd rimfire; Tim Shea - 1st rimfire, 2nd centerfire.

Grill Sgt Mike Muriello

Peacock Bonnyman YM Flyer 04 Dec 2021.jpg
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