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With 70-degree temps, blue sky, beautiful Autumn Mountain foliage, the 17th Annual Jim Peacock Memorial Pistol Match was held on 29 October. Registration commenced at 0900. After the all-important range safety brief and prayer by Chaplain Ron, the centerfire match commenced with 23 shooters of which 12 were from the Bonnyman Detachment.  There were 11 competitors in the Open Class.


Jay Holmes copped the Top Gun award; Larry Baldwin won the Bonnyman Marine centerfire match and Gergely Nagy garnered the centerfire Open title.  Bonnyman expert, sharpshooter and marksman shooting awards went to Carlos Reyes, David Fugate and Tim Shea respectively. Open centerfire expert, sharpshooter, and marksman were won by Chris Torres, Dale Holmes and Bill Kulas respectively. The rimfire match commenced right after lunch.  Larry Baldwin placed 3rd overall and copped the sharpshooter medal. The SAM (Speed, Accuracy, Match) Fun Match proved to be very popular and ran all day.  Larry Baldwin placed 3rd overall and was the Bonnyman high shooter.


Many thanks to Nappy for providing the delicious, fresh sub sandwiches.  Great job!  Clyde and Mary Furr as has been custom provided the professional NRA scoring/tabulation and allowed for an efficiently run match.  Thank you all for the great support.  It was a safe and fun match!


See you at the Jack McGivney match in 2023!

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