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McGivney Windrock Flyer06May2023.jpg

With 70-degree temps, bright, cloudy skies, (which is good for shooting=no sight shadows), the 13th Annual Jack McGivney Memorial Pistol Match was held on 6 May at the Windrock Shooting and Training Range. Registration commenced at 0900. After prayer by Chaplain Ron and the Pledge of Allegiance, the centerfire match commenced with 21 shooters of which 9 were from the Bonnyman Detachment.  


 Larry Baldwin won the Bonnyman Detachment centerfire match with a strong 381-12X. Expert, sharpshooter and marksman went to Carlos Reyes, Keith Lyman and Gabe Wilson respectively.


The Band of Brothers match was copped by Rick Arndt with a very impressive 373-9X on the challenging course. Expert, sharpshooter, and marksman medals were earned by Bill Kulas, Dale Holmes and Clyde Furr respectively.


Dale Holmes won the 1911 45 Challenge with a sizzling 391-22X. Larry Baldwin was the top Bonnyman shooter placing 4th with a 353-14X score.


The Steel Plate Challenge was shot during the matches. Dale Holmes shot a perfect 12 plates. Devil Doc Naugle and Larry Baldwin were the high Bonnyman shooters with 7 plates.


Many thanks to Nappy for providing the delicious, fresh sub sandwiches, pogey bait, water and soft drinks and Clyde and Mary Furr as have been custom provided the professional NRA scoring/tabulation and allowed for an efficiently run match.  We also thank Eric Matson of Windrock for his incomparable hospitality!  Lastly, I also want to thank the Band of Brothers shooters for setting up and post-match policing of the range.  It was a safe and fun match!

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