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Ladies and Gentlemen


 HELP, HELP. The Detachment needs volunteers to assist in any way at our upcoming events.

  I hope all members and family are doing well. These times have taken a toll on many of us, life as we have known it may never be the  same. Our detachment has held strong and will survive.

 In order to increase attendance at our monthly meetings, we are implementing a reward system. If you are at the meeting, and your number is drawn from the list of all members, you are given the funds that are in the pot for that meeting. The pot presently has fifty dollars ($50) and will increase ten dollars per meeting until someone wins. If this system works we will continue it.

  The detachment will also be awarding a certificate each month from MCL 924 to a person who has shown the most support for the MCL. A committee will be formed to review those candidates.

   In the month of May, we have three events on the horizon:

  • FIRST-EVER CAR SHOW - CHAIRPERSON LARRY WINTERS.  You can find more information on the  flyer posted on the home page of this website.


  • ROSE PROGRAM -  CHAIRPERSON MIKE NAPIERKOWSKI. [CLICK HERE] . Check the calendar for the date and time.

 In the month of June, we will be conducting the FIRST-EVER GOLF OUTING -  CHAIRPERSON BOB WILLIS. We need golfers and non-golfers to help with getting those interested in having a fun day to sign up, so please get the word out.  WE ALSO NEED SPONSORS FOR THE HOLES -  see the flyer posted on this web page.  Help to make all these events a success.

 You can see that our Officers and this detachment are not standing still. We are earnestly trying to move forward, but without SUPPORT from the membership, we will fail. We are our own band of brothers and sisters. Let's take care of each other and this detachment and continue to be the best in Tennessee. Support, Support, and Support!


May God Bless you and keep you.


In your service,

Ken DeBoer



Iwo Jima Pen Drawing

Marine Susan Schmidt brought a pen and ink drawing of the Iwo Jima Memorial to the last detachment meeting. The drawing is made up of over 370 images from Marine Corps history. The cost to order one is $40.00. Half of the cost goes to Wounded Warriors. It comes with a complete list of what is included in the drawing. Call Susie to order one (unframed). 865 806-0490 email: <= click to send email to Susie. Click here to view the the drawing

RED BLAZERS AVAILABLE Marine Corps League uniform 2 button red blazers are available at Prices range from $69.95 to $79.95, depending on size. Red blazers are also available at J.C. Penney as the “Stafford Blazer” Official MCL buttons can be purchased through the Detachment Quartermaster and installed by you or your tailor. MCL authorized pocket badges for wear with the blazer can be ordered at:

Detachment Officers

Commandant Ken DeBoer (865) 771-8025

Junior Past Commandant Tim Eichhorn (865) 368-6559

Senior Vice Commandant Mike Napierkowski (908) 910-4193

Junior Vice Commandant David Terwell (970) 531-8173

Adjutant Elizabeth Carr (865) 686-2540

Paymaster Sam Ruble (865) 850-1326

Chaplain Ron Naugle (571) 565-6980

Judge Advocate Lee Rhinemiller (865) 414-3460

Sergeant-at-Arms Stony Saathoff (865) 556-6524

Web Sergeant: Tim Shea (865) 408-7900

Detachment Quartermaster Larry George (865) 789-6535

Ladies Auxiliary President Charlene Cotton ((865) 279-4652

Welcome to the Lt. Alexander Bonnyman Detachment

Michael Brubaker

Mar 30 '21

  2021  Lt Bonnyman
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  2021  Lt Bonnyman Detachment Scholarship Application 
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Former Chaplain  Leroy Brown Passes

Leroy Brown.JPG

From Chaplain Ron Naugle on the passing of Leroy Brown. Leroy did not wake up on the morning of May 2, 2021. 

The Membership of the Lt. Alexander Bonnyman Detachment wish to express our sincere condolences to the family and friends of our fallen brother, Marine Leroy Brown

during this difficult time. We pray for an abundance of God’s peace and strength as we look to Him for comfort in the days ahead. Esprit de Corps, Never Forget.

Services pending arrangements and will keep you posted.

~ OR ~

Jim Peacock Memorial Pistol Match

October 20, 2018


There is an old Marine maxim, “If it ain’t rainin’, you ain’t trainin’.” The weather forecast was for showers until 0930, cloudy and partly cloudy by early afternoon. For once the weatherman was right. We even saw some blue sky by chow time. Windrock Shooting Range supplied canopies, covered porches, clubhouse registration just in case, and the great chow! Registration commenced at 0900 followed by the all-important safety brief. With a new, more challenging course the first rounds went downrange at 0925.


This was the first time we shot simultaneously with the shooters rotating from bay to bay. Mary Furr efficiently performed scoring during the competition, so there was little downtime for the shooters.


When the smoke cleared the 13th Annual Jim Peacock Memorial Pistol Match was in the books.


    Top Gun was won by Jay Holmes...................379-14x


    The Marine winner Sgt. Major Rich Arndt....365-5x

    Expert -- Keith Lyman......................................345-2x

    Sharpshooter -- Jeff Tegzes.............................336-2x

    Marksman -- Tim Shea....................................304-2x


    The Civilian winner Clyde Furr.......................366-13x

    Expert -- Jerome Hunter.................................359-2x

    Sharpshooter -- Dan Henry............................358-8x

    Marksman -- Mark Shaffer.............................336-3x


    Rim fire was won by Sgt. Major Rick Arndt..370-6x    

    Expert -- Dan Henry........................................361-4x

    Sharpshooter -- Tim Shea..............................351-5x

    Marksman -- Mark Shaffer............................345-7x    


    Jay Holmes and Keith Lyman won the first Jim Peacock 

    Team Challenge.


The Bonnyman Detachment also presented to Clyde and Mary Furr a plaque in recognition of their strong support of the detachment matches for the past 10 years.


See you at the Jack McGivney in April!

The shooters

Shooters (Custom).jpg

Click ==> HERE <== to see more photos

  2020 Lt Bonnyman Detachment
Scholarship Application 
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Wreaths Across America

Lt. Alexander Bonnyman Young Marines

East Tennessee Veterans Cemetery

2200 East Gov. John Sevier Highway (Hwy #168)
Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee, 37920

Click HERE for Map

Wreaths at Graveside.jpg

On December 14, at 12:00 pm, Wreaths Across America will be at the Knoxville National Cemetery on Tyson Street, the East Tennessee State Veteran's Cemetery on Lyons View, and the East Tennessee State Veteran's Cemetery on John Sevier Highway to Remember and Honor our Veterans through the laying of Remembrance wreaths on the graves of our country's fallen heroes and the act of saying the name of each and every veteran aloud.


The goal this year is to place a wreath on each headstone in the three Veteran Cemeteries in Knox County. 


  • Knoxville National Cemetery - Tyson Street

  • Old East Tennessee State Veterans Cemetery - Lyons View

  • New East Tennessee State Veterans Cemetery - John Sevier Highway

 Click here to view the story of Wreaths Across America

Volunteers are needed to help the Young Marines lay wreaths. Trucks arrive at John Sevier cemetery at 09:00 on Dec 14, 2019. Volunteers are asked to arrive by 08:30. Ceremony  starts at 12:00.


Please offer your friends and neighbors the opportunity to support Wreaths Across America with Christmas wreaths at East Tennessee Veterans Cemetery. To make your donation on-line:, select "Choose Your Local Fundraising Group" use code TN0034P to support the Lt Alexander Bonnyman Young Marines.


More than 8000 wreaths are needed for East Tennessee Veterans Cemeteries. Each wreath costs $15. Five dollars is set aside to support the Lt. Alexander Bonnyman Young Marines. 

To make a donation for a wreath, checks can be made out to "Wreaths Across America" and mailed to

Kathy Winters

823 Majestic Mnt. Blvd

Walland TN 37886.

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2019 Christmas Breakfast

244th USMC Birthday Celebration
Lt Alexander Bonnyman Detachment 924
1 November 2019
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Commandant's 2019 Birthday Message