COMMANDANT’S CORNER    October, 2018

Greetings Marines! Sometimes the middle of the month sneaks up on me and putting my thoughts together for the Commandant’s Corner is a challenge. Sometimes it flows and babbles on like a Marine on liberty with some extra cash to burn when he comes back to the barracks with too many ill-advised purchases and likely a head-ache from too many adult beverages. This is one of those.

First let me tell you all thanks for the work, esprit and effort put into the Detachment again this year. We are dark in December so that leaves our October and November meetings as the last of the year. You have consistently shown the indomitable Marine spirit and morale in taking care of one another and getting the mission completed.

We have an innate ability as Marines to size things and each other up. To recognize who gets the job done and who is just a wind bag. To see where effort should be devoted to a task and where we need to let a sleeping dog lie. You have proven again and again this year that as Marines, we are focused on “mission first and troops always!”

So I want to say thanks, from Toys for Tots to Mud Run to funeral details to hand-shakes, it all gets done and in fine Marine Corps fashion because of you lending your hand to the rope and pulling your part.

Thanks and without question—Semper Fidelis.

Tim Eichhorn, Commandant

PS. I have refrained from listing any dates in this message. In the September Gazette I erroneously listed Saturday for the picnic when it should have been Sunday. Please check your calendar always over some wind bag like me writing at 5:00 am in the morning! Sorry about that confusion on the dates!

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Jim Peacock Memorial Pistol Match

October 20, 2018


There is an old Marine maxim, “If it ain’t rainin’, you ain’t trainin’.” The weather forecast was for showers until 0930, cloudy and partly cloudy by early afternoon. For once the weatherman was right. We even saw some blue sky by chow time. Windrock Shooting Range supplied canopies, covered porches, clubhouse registration just in case, and the great chow! Registration commenced at 0900 followed by the all-important safety brief. With a new, more challenging course the first rounds went downrange at 0925.


This was the first time we shot simultaneously with the shooters rotating from bay to bay. Mary Furr efficiently performed scoring during the competition, so there was little downtime for the shooters.


When the smoke cleared the 13th Annual Jim Peacock Memorial Pistol Match was in the books.


    Top Gun was won by Jay Holmes...................379-14x


    The Marine winner Sgt. Major Rich Arndt....365-5x

    Expert -- Keith Lyman......................................345-2x

    Sharpshooter -- Jeff Tegzes.............................336-2x

    Marksman -- Tim Shea....................................304-2x


    The Civilian winner Clyde Furr.......................366-13x

    Expert -- Jerome Hunter.................................359-2x

    Sharpshooter -- Dan Henry............................358-8x

    Marksman -- Mark Shaffer.............................336-3x


    Rim fire was won by Sgt. Major Rick Arndt..370-6x    

    Expert -- Dan Henry........................................361-4x

    Sharpshooter -- Tim Shea..............................351-5x

    Marksman -- Mark Shaffer............................345-7x    


    Jay Holmes and Keith Lyman won the first Jim Peacock 

    Team Challenge.


The Bonnyman Detachment also presented to Clyde and Mary Furr a plaque in recognition of their strong support of the detachment matches for the past 10 years.


See you at the Jack McGivney in April!

The shooters

Shooters (Custom).jpg

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About ten years ago Ginger Huffman came to East Tennessee with Howard Raines. Howard is a member of the Bonnyman Detachment 924 and convinced Ginger to become a member of the MCLA. She was a bit apprehensive at first but eventually found she did belong. So much so that she was elected treasurer and held that position for several years.

While at Thompson we met Shila Newman. She is a nurse there and became very close to Ginger. Shila has 4 year old son, Hudson.  Ginger found a book that she knew Hudson would like and ordered it. The title, The Donkey That No One Could Ride.   It is a story about Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey. Shila and Hudson read it together. Now Hudson reads it by himself. Shila liked it so much she took it to her Sunday school class to share and she told me she wanted to get more for the class.

Ginger was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2004 and fought and won all the battles until 2019. SHE BEAT CANCER! She enjoyed every friend she made and every minute of her life with those friends and her family. After fighting the battles with cancer at Thompson Cancer Survivors Center it got very hard for her. She ask us to call the Hospice. She left us to meet her Savior July 25, 2019.

Wreaths Across America

Lt. Alexander Bonnyman Young Marines

East Tennessee Veterans Cemetery

2200 East Gov. John Sevier Highway (Hwy #168)
Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee, 37920

Click HERE for Map

On December 14, at 12:00 pm, Wreaths Across America will be at the Knoxville National Cemetery on Tyson Street, the East Tennessee State Veteran's Cemetery on Lyons View, and the East Tennessee State Veteran's Cemetery on John Sevier Highway to Remember and Honor our Veterans through the laying of Remembrance wreaths on the graves of our country's fallen heroes and the act of saying the name of each and every veteran aloud.


The goal this year is to place a wreath on each headstone in the three Veteran Cemeteries in Knox County. 


  • Knoxville National Cemetery - Tyson Street

  • Old East Tennessee State Veterans Cemetery - Lyons View

  • New East Tennessee State Veterans Cemetery - John Sevier Highway

 Click here to view the story of Wreaths Across America

Volunteers are needed to help the Young Marines lay wreaths. Trucks arrive at John Sevier cemetery at 09:00 on Dec 14, 2019. Volunteers are asked to arrive by 08:30. Ceremony  starts at 12:00.


Please offer your friends and neighbors the opportunity to support Wreaths Across America with Christmas wreaths at East Tennessee Veterans Cemetery. To make your donation on-line:, select "Choose Your Local Fundraising Group" use code TN0034P to support the Lt Alexander Bonnyman Young Marines.


More than 8000 wreaths are needed for East Tennessee Veterans Cemeteries. Each wreath costs $15. Five dollars is set aside to support the Lt. Alexander Bonnyman Young Marines. 

To make a donation for a wreath, checks can be made out to "Wreaths Across America" and mailed to

Kathy Winters

823 Majestic Mnt. Blvd

Walland TN 37886.

VA Urgent Care Benefit

The VA offers an Urgent Care Benefit that provides eligible Veterans with greater choice and access to timely, high quality care. 


How to access the VA’s Urgent Care Benefit

Find an Urgent Care Provider- Click HERE

To find an urgent care provider in VA’s contracted network, Veterans can use the VA Facility Locator, or contact their local VA medical facility.   Click HERE


Types of Urgent Care Locations-There are two types of urgent care network locations: Retail and Urgent.

  • Retail locations include a walk-in health clinic, other than an office, urgent care facility, pharmacy, or independent clinic located within a retail operation. Reasons why Veterans would seek care at a retail location include treatment of an uncomplicated illness such as a sore throat or earache.

  • Urgent locations include an office or a clinic, whose purpose is to diagnose and treat illness or injury for unscheduled, ambulatory patients seeking immediate medical attention (aside from emergency rooms). Reasons why Veterans would seek care at a urgent location include treatment of more pressing illnesses or injuries that are not life-threatening, like splinting, casting, lacerations, or wound treatment.

IMPORTANT: VA can only pay for urgent care if the provider is part of VA’s contracted network. If Veterans go to an out-of-network urgent care provider, they may be required to pay the full cost of care.  By law, VA cannot pay claims for urgent care rendered to a Veteran from providers that are not part of VA’s contracted network.

VA’s Healthcare Community Care Overview - VA provides care to Veterans through community providers when VA cannot provide the care needed. Community care is based on specific eligibility requirements, availability of VA care, and the needs and circumstances of individual Veterans .


Community Care MUST be approved by the VA before eligible Veterans can access the program.  For more information contact your VA PACT Team

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2019 Christmas Breakfast

244th USMC Birthday Celebration
Lt Alexander Bonnyman Detachment 924
1 November 2019
Commandant's 2019 Birthday Message
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