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Col. Joe Eddlemon's Funeral June 15, 2019

Thank You from the Eddlemon Family


Dear Commandant Williams and all the outstanding Marines of the Lt. Bonnyman Marine Corps League Det. 924,


My family and I send our sincere and heart-felt thanks to you all for the wonderful support you showed us and the splendid performance of honors at the June 15 funeral for my father Joe Eddlemon, USMC. Dad would have loved and been most proud to have been there to see it! And the spray of flowers sent by the Bonnyman Detachment of the Marine Corps League was truly beautiful. As you well know, Dad deeply loved the Marine Corps and I and my family have always held the Marines in the highest regard (several Marine uncles, cousins, a grandson, and, but for the loss of an eye in a childhood arrow accident, I would have tried to enlist in the Marines myself!).


Thank you all for your service at my Dad’s funeral, and for your service to our country. You Marines are the best!


May our Lord and Savior bless and keep all you Marines and your families always. With the greatest gratitude and respect,


Gerry Gerald Eddlemon, on behalf of Dad’s wife Lois Reiniche, daughter Cynthia, son Scott, and the entire Eddlemon family


PS: Kindly forward this message to all the Marines and Associates of your Marine Corps League.

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