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March 28, 2023 Detachment Meeting

VFW Post 5154

2561 Hobbs Rd, Louisville, TN 37777

~  ~

                                                     17:30 – 18:30 Social Hour

                                                          18:30 – 19:30 Meeting

Meeting $ Draw now at $60. No cost, must be present to win.

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Calendar Summary - click here for detail


13 - Officer Meeting

06 - Devil Dog Growl

16 - 19 75th S E Division Conference

28 - Monthly Detachment Meeting 


10 - Officer Meeting

25 - Monthly Detachment Meeting 


06 - McGivney Pistol Match

08 - Officer Meeting

13 - Rod 'n Hogs

27 - Rose Program

30 - Monthly Detachment Meeting 

See event details by clicking on the Calendar tab above

Larry Winters

Robert Evilsizer

Robert C. Evilsizer.jpeg

Detachment Member Robert Evilsizer of Loudon (age 87) passed on 3-21-2023.


Service will be 1300  April 15 at The Community Church at Tellico Village

130 Chota Center, Loudon, TN.

Our fellow Marine Larry Winters passed on March 7. Larry’s family and Marine Corps League Lt. Alexander Bonnyman Detachment 924 celebrated Larry in the chapel of the East Tennessee Veterans Cemetery on March 16, 2023. 

Larry's family gave an eulogy and tributes. His ashes were interred near the flagpole in the cemetery. A lone bald eagle flew above near the burial site.

Come show our colors at the service.

Department of Tennessee Convention

June 22 -25, 2023

Best Western Plus

130 Cracker Road, Morristown, TN 37015

Phone 423-587-2400

email: <=Cut & paste)

Rates are $94.95 per night, plus tax (Ask for MCL rate)

There will be a Full Free Breakfast, Parking is free. Amenities include outdoor pool, gym, and laundry facilities.

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Commandant's Corner

March 20, 2023

With heavy hearts, we said a final farewell to Larry Winters this month.  I was very proud to see the attendance of the League at his service.  Larry left his mark on all those he came in contact with.  As Unit Commander for the Young Marines, his influence and legacy will carry on far into the future.  I recently attended the MCL Southeast Conference on Charleston and was very pleased to hear the Young Marine National Director, Col Bill Davis (USMC, ret) begin his presentation with comments about Larry and his impact on the Young Marines.  We can all be very proud to have called Larry our friend.  As Joe McCarter takes the reins as Young Marines Unit Commander, we wish him continued success.


Our leadership in the League suffered another loss this month as we found out that our Adjutant, Billie Joe McCarley has accepted a new job in Miami, FL.  We wish her the best of luck in this new position.  Our Judge Advocate, Robert Ballesteros, has accepted the invitation to serve as the new Adjutant.  I’m confident he will do a great job. 


Our first major fundraiser for the year is fast upon us.  The 3rd Annual Rods and Hogs Car Show will be held on May 13th at Midland Plaza, Alcoa.  Please step up and help us make this bigger and better than last year.  Doc Billy and Doug Freeman are the co-chairs for this event.  There are many tasks that need to be accomplished – most importantly is advertising and procuring door prizes.  Flyers will be available at the next Detachment meeting (March 28).  Please take some and get them to local auto parts stores, restaurants, etc.  Please let Billy or Doug know if you can assist with this event. We need many hands to make this a positive experience for all.


May 5, we will be supporting Bug Run, a motorcycle ride beginning at the Dragon Pit on Hwy 129.  We will be assisting in parking bikes.  Contact Sr Vice Ric Freetage if you are able to help in this event.  Half of the 50/50 will be coming back to the League.   Let’s get out there and make it a positive event.


Last but not least, the Rose Program will be held over Memorial Day Weekend.  Larry George will be providing details at the next meeting and signup sheets will be available.


As always, we welcome your comments, suggestions, and ideas!  Remember, this is YOUR Marine Corps League.


Semper Fi.


Susie Schmidt

2022 Sr Vice Susie Schmidt_edited.png

Veterans Breakfasts

Recurring Schedule 

Knoxville area

Click here for schedules

Posted 02 Feb 2023

From the Chaplain

March 20, 2023


"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."

                                                                             John 15:14

   While in Northern Virginia to celebrate the Christmas holiday with our daughter and her family, a winter storm swept through the area bringing sub-freezing temper-atures and extremely high gusts of icy wind. Unfortunately, my responsibilities included taking the dog out for his early morning routine. My ordeal ushered in a bout of flu for three or four days, perhaps caused by exposure. As I shivered in the miserable cold, I noticed one single leaf on the tree in the front yard that was desperately hanging on while flapping violently in the wind. I scanned the tree carefully with frost covered eyeballs and confirmed that this was, indeed, the last leaf.
   Immediately I recalled a story from the collections of William Sydney Porter (1862-1910), pen named, O. Henry.
The Last Leaf is the story of two young aspiring artists, Johnsy, and Sue, who shared an upstairs apartment in Greenwich Village. The winter was extremely harsh during the December of this story’s setting. In addition to the severe weather, there was a flu and pneumonia epidemic that spread throughout the inhabitants of New York City. Johnsy was one of the statistics and became seriously ill. As the doctor left the girl’s apartment, he told Sue that Johnsy had pneumonia and there was nothing more he could do. Johnsy stared outside her bedroom window at the adjacent wall that had a vine growing on it with one single leaf. Johnsy told Sue that she was dying and had a premonition that she would die when the last leaf fell.
    As she pulled down the window shade, Sue told Johnsy to focus on something other than the leaf and try to get a good night’s rest. Sue shared Johnsy’s prognosis with old man Behrman, who lived in a first-floor apartment and who was also an artist. Old Behrman never fulfilled his dreams of painting a masterpiece and had given up any hope of greatness. That night another cold front swept through the city with an abundance of wind, rain, and ice. On the next morning Sue reluctantly raised the shade at Johnsy’s request. The leaf was still there! It stood strangely still in the high wind, and its vibrant green and red colors were inspirational. Johnsy looked at the beautiful leaf, took heart, regained her strength, and began to improve. They found old man Behrman lying on his bed in wet clothes, mud on his shoes, and with green and red paint on his weathered hands and painters attire. He himself had succumbed to pneumonia while giving his life for a friend. Behrman had painted his masterpiece.
   There are a couple of connected narratives in the Scriptures that are similar to O. Henry’s story. The first is from the Old Testament and found in Numbers 21:8, 9. “And the LORD said unto Moses, Make thee a fiery serpent, and set it upon a pole: and it shall come to pass, that every one that is bitten, when he looketh upon it, shall live. And Moses made a serpent of brass, and put it upon a pole, 

 Drawing at the Detachment meeting 
The member name drawn at the February 28 meeting for the $100 pot was Lee Rhinemiller. The pot for the March 28 meeting is $60. It will grow by $10 until it is awarded then will start over at $50. You have to be present to win. Come to the monthly meeting; you may go home with a fatter wallet. 

February 28, 2023

Welcome to the Lt. Alexander

Bonnyman Detachment

Gabriel Wilson_edited.png
Schmidt Swearing In.jpg
Gabriel Wilson USMC

Past Commandant Ken DeBoer gives oath of office to incoming Commandant Susie Schmidt

February 28,2023 Detachment Meeting
February 28,2023 Detachment Meeting
February 28,2023 Detachment Meeting

Commandant Schmidt presents outgoing Commandant Ken DeBoer with a gift to represent the detachment's  gratitude for his outstanding service  to the detach-ment, his support for the fund raisers to top up our treasury during and after Covid and his presence at memorial services for fallen Marines all over East Tennessee.

Americanism 2022
Outgoing Cmdt Ken.JPG
Outgoing Mrs Cmdt Cathy.JPG

Commandant Schmidt thanks Cathy DeBoer for sharing and supporting her husband Ken DeBoer for his term as Commandant by presenting her with a floral arrangement. None of us serve by ourselves; family support is priceless.

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Ameicanism 2022 plaque

Commandant Susie Schmidt receives the 2022 Americanism award from Bryan Hudgins who received it at the National Conference on behalf of Detachment 924

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The following article was submitted by Detachment Member Larry Dennis

The following article was submitted by Detachment Member Jay Holmes

'Paramarines': The Marine Corps Paratroopers of World War II

A Brother’s Journey: Five Decades to the Story of a Lifetime


Paramarines fought with Raiders at the Battle of Edson's Ridge, also known as the Battle of the Bloody Ridge on Guadalcanal, in 1942 | By Blake Stilwell

The U.S. Army might have perfected the use of airborne troopers, but it wasn't the first branch to try out the tactic. In 1927, 12 Marines jumped from a transport plane flying over the Anacostia area of Washington, D.C. The Army wouldn't begin experimenting with jumping out of a perfectly good airplane until the next year.

Since that first jump, the Marine Corps liked the idea of "air-delivered" Marines, but never tried to train any until Nazi Germany invaded the Netherlands in 1940. Germany's use of paratroopers to capture airfields and other tactical objectives was one of the world's first mass drops. A total of 4,500 paratroopers opened the way for Germany to conquer Holland and the Low Countries in a matter of days.

<CLICK HERE to read the entire article>

Bothers Journey.jpg

On Saturday, Oct. 21, 1967, David Jensen was working at a caterer’s office in Hales Corners, Wis. As the 18-year-old prepared orders for the coming week, the office owner entered the room.

“Dave, you need to go home.”

His terseness caught David off guard. He appeared somber and was obviously not playing around.

“Well, no,” David replied. “I can finish up this order, at least.”“No, Dave. You can’t linger. You

need to go home, now.”

He gathered his things and returned to his parent’s house. The staff car from the local Marine Corps recruit­er’s office sat in the driveway. A re­cruiter’s presence was not unusual. David had known them since he was 12, the first time he entered their office with his older brother, Alan. Alan was a Marine, and David was determined to become one too.

David walked through the front door. A major and first sergeant in dress blues sat in the living room with David’s parents. A Bible lay open on the coffee table. Tears poured down his mother’s cheeks. His father approached him.

“David,” he faltered. “Alan is dead. He was killed.”

David moved toward the recruiters. His gut reaction came out as anger.“

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2023 handout RIdge Run April 29 flyer.jpg

Click on image below for important information

Dragon City (5) 06May23.jpg

MCL Members - Contact Rick Freetage / tel:865.364.0949 

Pistol Match Schedule

  • Jack McGivney Memorial..... ..May 6, 2023

  • Jim Peacock Memorial.........TBD


Windrock Shooting Range & Training Center

Click here for MAP

  • Center fire matches are 9mm or above.

  • Rim fire matches are .22 cal. 

  • Steel plate shoot at 25 yards.

  • 1911 45 Open match with "feel good" targets.

  • When specified, 1911 matches are .45 ACP.

  • Iron sights only. Max 6-inch barrel.

McGivney Windrock Flyer06May2023.jpg

Click on flyer below to enlarge

Contact Jay to sign up. An accurate count is needed for providing lunch 

Memorial Day 2020 Group Roses.jpg

Lt. Alexander Bonnyman

Go to tabs at top of page: DOCUMENTS / Bonnyman Unit Young Marines

Casualty Assistance Checklist
This document is an organizer for important information for your family. 
The Paper Safe 
This is a detailed organizer for important information for your family.
Both document are accessible from the DOCUMENTS menu tab

Rifle Match Schedule


  • Bill Gerst M-1/M-1A .......... 2022 Completed

  • Gene Collins Open .............2022 Completed


2327 Rifle Range Rd, Knoxville, TN 37918, USA

Click here for MAP

These events are CMP matches, which is a 200 yard firing distance, a total of 35 rounds will be fired in the following order—

  5 spotter rounds from the prone position

10 slow fire rounds from the prone

10 rounds from prone rapid fire (5 rounds in 2 magazines)

10 rounds Standing (off hand).

These are iron site matches, NO SCOPES of any kind.


Be at the front gate at 0800. The cost of the Match is $30.00 which will be taken at registration which will start at approximately 0845. We will start firing at 0915-0930. The Young Marines will be pulling targets so you don’t have pit duty at these matches -- there will be a tip jar for the Young Marines so bring some extra money for these Young Marines, they work hard so you don’t have to.

If you want to shoot these matches but don’t have an M1 or M1A for the Bill Gerst match or a military style rifle for the Gene Collins match, the range has M-1 rifles to lend you. All you have to do is buy their ammo which is 30-06 and the cost is $20.00; this is match ammo. If you have never shot a M-1 rifle we will give you a short class on the rifle, a knowledge of shooting is required.

Reserve your spot, contact

Jeff Tegzes
865 988-6247

Legal Advice for Veterans - 2nd Wednesday of the month CLICK HERE

Veteran discounts available

year round CLICK HERE

The list of Veteran and military discounts are good all year round and will be updated as we learn of more. These discounts are being shared so that Veterans, military members, their families, caregivers and survivors are aware of all resources available to them. 


The VIC is a portable and secure alternative to a DD-214 that can be used to obtain discounts on promotional goods and services offered to veterans. Individual’s that do not have a Veterans Health Identification Card (VHIC) or retirement card issued by the Department of Defense will be able to apply for a VIC online at this link

Pocket MCL_Lg.jpg


Slides into MCL Blazer pocket. 


Marine Corps League Crest features the League Crest and two plates (up to three lines of personalization on each plate).

Click here for information

Member Historical Photos

If you have not done so, send me a boot camp/OCS photo and/or active duty photo. Also, If you have event photos you would to share, send them with an explanation. Click here to send me an email. Click here to view Photo Albums

Tim Starkweather.jpg

Marine Tim Starkweather is in the Boot Camp photo album.

TN Department of Veterans
Services - Cemeteries

Protocol for scheduling and burials 

This is very informative. Take the time to read the document.  Click HERE

USMC Funeral Honors Casket.jpg

Click on links above

From Knox County Veterans Services Office
Visit Aunt Bertha
Search for free or reduced cost services like medical care, food, job training, and more. Visit Aunt Bertha
Info courtesy of the Red Cross

This site needs your input
Your content suggestions, photos, announcements, etc. are encouraged. Please contact me with any and all questions, comments and input that you want to share. Tim Shea, Web Sgt.

Thanks to those who have shared articles.
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Rifle Detail.jpg

The Detachment Honor Guard/Firing Detail is looking for new members to provide honors and salutes at memorial events and funerals. Members must be able to handle the M1 Rifle (9.5 pounds) and will need the League undress uniform (white SS shirt and Dress Blue trousers). The “U.S. Marines” Red Satin jacket is also worn in cold weather. Expert training will be provided and no experience (other than Boot Camp) is necessary. Contact Marine Larry George for details - (865) 789-6535


Marine Corps League uniform 2 button red blazers are available at

Prices range from $69.95 to $79.95, depending on size. Red blazers are also available at J.C. as the “Stafford Hopsack Mens Blazer.” Official MCL buttons can be purchased through the Detachment Quartermaster and installed by you or your tailor. 

Red Blazer Jacket.jpg

Here are more options for men's and women's blazers obtained from the MCL National website. Click 

HEREHEREHERE, HERE and HERE. Source for women's blazer HERE

Send your photos to me for inclusion in the photo albums. Boot camp and active duty, MCL functions, etc. See the Photo Album section of this web site [CLICK HERE to view]
Click here to send me an email with your photos as attachments.
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