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March 6, 2021 Dining-In and Awards Ceremony has been postponed

Jim Williams bequeathed the detachment his collection of pins, patches, challenge coins and other interesting items. Some of these items will be available for purchase at the detachment meeting. Bring you checkbook, small bills...exact amount, no change given.

March 30, 2021 Detachment Meeting

VFW Post 5154
2561 Hobbs Rd, Louisville, TN 37777, USA

Near McGhee Tyson Airport (click here for map)

                                                     17:30 – 18:30 Social Hour

                                                          18:30 – 19:30 Meeting

Food and drink available for order during Social Hour and after meeting.

Observe TN State COVID guidelines

Jim Williams bequeathed the detachment  his collection of pins, patches, coins, and other stuff. Some of those items will be available for purchase at teh monthly meeting. Bring small bills (ones, fives, tens)

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Bonnyman Gazette

The Bonnyman Gazette is no longer being mailed via the post office. It is available on this web site. To access it, click on the  DOCUMENTS tab on the menu at the top of this page. Select BONNYMAN GAZETTE, then select the date that you wish to view.

If you know of someone who requires a printed copy of the Gazette to be sent via postal mail, ask them to contact Lee Rhinemiiler at 865-414-3460

On the DOCUMENTS page below the BONNYMAN GAZETTE, see the MONTHLY MEETING MINUTES (PASSWORD REQUIRED). If you would like the access password, click here to send me an email or call me at (865) 657-7124.

Tim Shea

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2021 Pistol Match Schedule

  • Jack McGivney Memorial...........April 17

  • Jim Peacock Memorial...............TBD

Windrock Shooting Range

Oliver Springs TN.


  • The large cal. matches must be 9mm or above, cost $25.

  • There will also be a .22 Cal. match for an extra $20.

  • All matches will shoot 45 rounds.

  • You will be shooting 7,10, 15 and 25 yards both matches.

  • Iron sights only. Max 6-inch barrel.

  • Fees include lunch.



Jay Holmes

2021 Rifle Match Schedule


  • Bill Gersh M-1/M-1A ..................May 8

       Rain date ..................................  none


  • Gene Collins Open .....................Sept 11

       Rain date ..................................  none

2327 Rifle Range Rd, Knoxville, TN 37918, USA

These events are CMP matches, which is a 200 yard firing distance, a total of 35 rounds will be fired in the following order—

  5 spotter rounds from the prone position

10 slow fire rounds from the prone

10 rounds from prone rapid fire (5 rounds in 2 magazines)

10 rounds Standing (off hand).

These are iron site matches, NO SCOPES of any kind.


You have to be at the front gate at 0700. The cost of the Match is $20.00 which will be taken at registration which will start at approximately 0745. We will start firing at 0815-0830. The Young Marines of Knoxville will be pulling targets so you don’t have pit duty at these matches -- there will be a tip jar for the Young Marines so bring some extra money for these young Marines, they work hard so you don’t have to.

If you want to shoot these matches but don’t have an M1 or M1A for the Bill Gersh match or a military style rifle for the Gene Collins match, the range has M-1 rifles to lend you. All you have to do is buy their ammo which is 30-06 and the cost is $20.00, this is match ammo. If you have never shot a M-1 rifle we will give you a short class on the rifle, a knowledge of shooting is required.


Jeff Tegzes
865 988-6247

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Here is  interesting article submitted by Detachment Member Jay Holmes.

Until They All Come Home
History Flight is Dedicated to Locating,
Excavating Remains of Missing Marines

By Nancy S. Lichtman  LEATHERNECK / NOVEMBER 2020

In 2014, Wendell Perkins and five other veterans of the Battle of Tarawa arrived on Betio for the first time since they had fought the Japanese there in 1943. This time, however, they weren't being shot at by a firmly entrenched enemy intent on their defeat. The Marines were there with Mark Noah, founder and president of History Flight, to see firsthand the work Noah's team was doing to locate and recover the remains of their fellow Marines who died during the battle and were still buried on the tiny island in the Pacific.

CLICK HERE for the full article

Welcome to the Lt. Alexander Bonnyman Detachment

Ed Gomez

Feb 23 '21

Jeff Kiser

Feb 23 '21

Brian Woods

Feb 23 '21

The following article was submitted by Detachment Member Jay Holmes.

Iwo Jima Marine veteran dies at 95, was witness to flag raising on Mount Suribachi

By Zach Ben-Amots  Sunday, February 14, 2021

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS (WLS) -- World War II Marine veteran Elwood "Woody" Hughes died on Monday, Feb. 1. Hughes was one of the last living Chicago area natives to have witnessed the American flag raising on Mount Suribachi at Iwo Jima.

   "We're saying goodbye to a great Marine - a very personal, good friend of mine - Woody Hughes," said friend and fellow Marine veteran John Colas. After completing his military service, Hughes became a physical education teacher and baseball coach in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. He coached Colas as a high school student half a century before they reunited and developed a close friendship.

   "Woody and I got together again 56 years after we first met on the baseball fields of Maine Township High School," Colas said. "Neither one of us remembered who we were. That's how much an impression I made on him."

   At his memorial service, Chicago area Marines paid tribute by placing a rose beside the casket and saluting their fellow veteran. Hughes's son, Bill, called his father "a light."

"He was part of what Tom Brokaw would call 'the greatest generation,'" Hughes said of his father.

   According to his son, Hughes had one event on his calendar this year.

   "He was going to go over to a local school that was closed because of COVID. And he was going to raise the flag at 10 o'clock on Tuesday, February 23," Bill Hughes said. February 23, 2021, marks the 76th anniversary of the American flag raising at Iwo Jima.

   "He was hoping to start a movement," Hughes said.

Colas said that his late friendship with Hughes changed and enriched both of their lives in surprising ways.

   "So goodbye, Woody. Semper Fi. See you in a few years," Colas said.

Click here for video link

Iwo Jima Pen Drawing

Marine Susan Schmidt brought a pen and ink drawing of the Iwo Jima Memorial to the last detachment meeting. The drawing is made up of over 370 images from Marine Corps history. The cost to order one is $40.00. Half of the cost goes to Wounded Warriors. It comes with a complete list of what is included in the drawing. Call Susie to order one (unframed). 865 806-0490 email: <= click to send email to Susie. Click here to view the the drawing

HonorAir Knoxville

Flight 30 will leave Knoxville carrying 130+ East Tennessee Women Veterans to visit Washington, D.C. and the memorial built to honor their sacrifice.

All airlines have cancelled Honor Flights through April, 2021. Additional information will be released as soon as available. See this website to stay up to date:

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Search for free or reduced cost services like medical care, food, job training, and more. Visit Aunt Bertha
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