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June 27, 2023 Detachment Meeting

VFW Post 5154

2561 Hobbs Rd, Louisville, TN 37777

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                                                     17:30 – 18:30 Social Hour

                                                          18:30 – 19:30 Meeting

Meeting $ Draw now at $80. No cost, must be present to win.

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Detachment member Larry Dennis (Larry #5) thought that you might find this interesting. I did. Web Sgt Tim

'Paramarines': The Marine Corps Paratroopers of World War II <== Click

Calendar Summary - click here for detail


05 - Devil Dog Growl

10 - Rifle Match (details below)

12 - Officer Meeting

22 - 24 - Department of Tennessee
              Convention (see below)

27 - Monthly Detachment Meeting 


10 - Officer Meeting

25 - Monthly Detachment Meeting 


13 - 19 - National MCL Convention

14 - Officer Meeting

29 - Monthly Detachment Meeting 

See event details by clicking on the Calendar tab above

Commandant's Corner

May 17, 2023

Greetings Marines,


May has been a busy month - and it's not quite over!  


The Pistol Match was a great success thanks to Jay and Nappy and all those that made it happen.  The Car Show - our first major fundraising event of the year - is in the rear-view mirror.  While it wasn't as successful as we hoped (hard to compete with 4-5 groups that decided to have their car shows on the same day!!), we were well organized and had a lot of support from the community in the way of advertising and donations.  We made some good contacts and got a couple of membership applications.  Thanks to Doug and Doc and all those that came out and helped with the event. 


The Rose Program and Stout Memorial will round out the month of May.


Summer is almost here and although our schedule eases up, it's not time drop out packs.  We have the State Convention coming up in June and the National Convention in August.  September will be upon us before we know it and it'll be time for the Mud Run.


A reminder about the increase in life membership dues - June 30th is right around the corner.  Dues double as of 1 July so if you are considering converting to Life membership, now is the time to do it.


Thanks for all that you do!


Semper Fi,



2022 Sr Vice Susie Schmidt_edited.png

Veterans Breakfasts

Recurring Schedule 

Knoxville area

Click here for schedules

Posted 02 Feb 2023

 Drawing at the Detachment meeting 
At the May 30th detachment meeting, Larry Henry was the winner of the $70 drawing. However, he was not present.  The pot for the June 27meeting is now $80. It will grow by $10 until it is awarded then will start over at $50. You have to be present to win. Come to the monthly meeting; you may go home with a fatter wallet. 

From the Chaplain

May 16, 2023


A partial re-post from 2020: Let’s honor a brave Marine by remembering his ultimate sacrifice this Memorial Day.

Sergeant Gary Keith More, USMC
Ontario, Canada, November 13, 1946

Killed in Action: Dien Ban, Quang Nam Province, August 30, 1970

Vietnam Memorial: Panel 7W / Row 24

Gary entered service in the United States Marine Corps on May 12, 1969, at Detroit, Michigan. He arrived in Vietnam on November 29, 1969, where he was assigned to the 2nd Combined Action Group, III Marine Amphibious Force, serving as platoon leader of CAP 2-3-2, located near Hoi An, between Danang and Chu Lai.

CAPs (Combined Action Platoons) were usually mobile units, while some rife squads manned small and remote outpost garrisons, where Marines would live, train, and patrol with local Vietnamese Nghia Quan. A squad of Marines would be assigned to hamlets and villages that had a high enemy presence to work with their counterparts, while instilling a fighting spirit within these local barefoot militias. Together, we were entrusted with a mandate to prevent the infiltration of enemy troops into the villages, and to protect families from our mutual foes, the Viet Cong, and North Vietnamese Army.

On August 30, three grenades were thrown into the Combined Action Platoon’s patrol location situated 500 meters east of the Dien Ban District Headquarters in Quang Nam Province. Two US Marines and...

  2023  Lt Bonnyman
Detachment Scholarship Application 
is now available. Go the the
 DOCUMENTS  tab above and select  SCHOLARSHIPS 
Show Documents Scholarship dropdown.jpg

~ OR ~

Poster Clip1.jpg

The success of the Mud Run is the result of the detachment members' effort to construct and deconstruct the course, register the runners, manage the parking,  and supervise the obstacles.

For Detachment 924 members and volunteers

 Click on the name of the form to view and print it 

Click on image to go to the Mud Run section of this website

Welcome to the

Lt. Alexander Bonnyman Detachment

Sworn in at the May 30, 2023 Detachment Meeting

Jim Toussaint.1.jpg

Jim Toussaint, USMC

Department of Tennessee Convention

June 22 - 25, 2023

Make Reservations No Later Than 23 May 2023    Directly to:

Black Fox Lodge in Pigeon Forge.

3171 Parkway, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863-3309

Reservations 865-774-4000

Hotel website = 

Rooms are $189.00 (Plus Tax) per night. 
Mention you want the Marine Corps League rate.

Parking is free. Amenities include outdoor pool, gym, and laundry facilities.

Det 924 members - if you want to go, coordinate with Commandant Susan Smith

Convention Registration

Delegate Registration

Program Book Ads

McGivney Windrock Flyer06May2023.jpg

The match is done and awards presented

With 70-degree temps, bright, cloudy skies, (which is good for shooting=no sight shadows), the 13th Annual Jack McGivney Memorial Pistol Match was held on 6 May at the Windrock Shooting and Training Range. Registration commenced at 0900. After prayer by Chaplain Ron and the Pledge of Allegiance, the centerfire match commenced with 21 shooters of which 9 were from the Bonnyman Detachment.  


 Larry Baldwin won the Bonnyman Detachment centerfire match with a strong 381-12X. Expert, sharpshooter and marksman went to Carlos Reyes, Keith Lyman and Gabe Wilson respectively.


The Band of Brothers match was copped by Rick Arndt with a very impressive 373-9X on the challenging course. Expert, sharpshooter, and marksman medals were earned by Bill Kulas, Dale Holmes and Clyde Furr respectively.


Dale Holmes won the 1911 45 Challenge with a sizzling 391-22X. Larry Baldwin was the top Bonnyman shooter placing 4th with a 353-14X score.


The Steel Plate Challenge was shot during the matches. Dale Holmes shot a perfect 12 plates. Devil Doc Naugle and Larry Baldwin were the high Bonnyman shooters with 7 plates.


Many thanks to Nappy for providing the delicious, fresh sub sandwiches, pogey bait, water and soft drinks and Clyde and Mary Furr as have been custom provided the professional NRA scoring/tabulation and allowed for an efficiently run match.  We also thank Eric Matson of Windrock for his incomparable hospitality!  Lastly, I also want to thank the Band of Brothers shooters for setting up and post-match policing of the range.  It was a safe and fun match!

Click here for photo album or click on PHOTO ALBUMS tab and select 2023 McGivney pistol match

Memorial Day 2020 Group Roses.jpg

Lt. Alexander Bonnyman

Go to tabs at top of page: DOCUMENTS / Bonnyman Unit Young Marines

Rifle Match Schedule


  • Bill Gerst M-1/M-1A .......Not scheduled

  • Gene Collins Open .........June 10 


If you want to shoot, contact Jeff Tegzes ASAP

2327 Rifle Range Rd, Knoxville, TN 37918, USA

Click here for MAP

These events are CMP matches, which is a 200 yard firing distance, a total of 35 rounds will be fired in the following order—

  5 spotter rounds from the prone position

10 slow fire rounds from the prone

10 rounds from prone rapid fire (5 rounds in 2 magazines)

10 rounds Standing (off hand).

These are iron site matches, NO SCOPES of any kind.


Be at the front gate at 0800. The cost of the Match is $30.00 which will be taken at registration which will start at approximately 0845. We will start firing at 0915-0930.

If you want to shoot these matches but don’t have an M1 or M1A for the Bill Gerst match or a military style rifle for the Gene Collins match, the range has M-1 rifles to lend you. All you have to do is buy their ammo which is 30-06 and the cost is $20.00; this is match ammo. If you have never shot a M-1 rifle we will give you a short class on the rifle, a knowledge of shooting is required.

Reserve your spot, contact

Jeff Tegzes
865 988-6247

Casualty Assistance Checklist
This document is an organizer for important information for your family. 
The Paper Safe 
This is a detailed organizer for important information for your family.
Both document are accessible from the DOCUMENTS menu tab

Legal Advice for Veterans - 2nd Wednesday of the month CLICK HERE

Veteran discounts available

year round CLICK HERE

The list of Veteran and military discounts are good all year round and will be updated as we learn of more. These discounts are being shared so that Veterans, military members, their families, caregivers and survivors are aware of all resources available to them. 


The VIC is a portable and secure alternative to a DD-214 that can be used to obtain discounts on promotional goods and services offered to veterans. Individual’s that do not have a Veterans Health Identification Card (VHIC) or retirement card issued by the Department of Defense will be able to apply for a VIC online at this link

Member Historical Photos

If you have not done so, send me a boot camp/OCS photo and/or active duty photo. Also, If you have event photos you would to share, send them with an explanation. Click here to send me an email. Click here to view Photo Albums

Tim Starkweather.jpg

Marine Tim Starkweather is in the Boot Camp photo album.

Pocket MCL_Lg.jpg


Slides into MCL Blazer pocket. 


Marine Corps League Crest features the League Crest and two plates (up to three lines of personalization on each plate).

Click here for information

TN Department of Veterans
Services - Cemeteries

Protocol for scheduling and burials 

This is very informative. Take the time to read the document.  Click HERE

USMC Funeral Honors Casket.jpg
From Knox County Veterans Services Office
Visit Aunt Bertha
Search for free or reduced cost services like medical care, food, job training, and more.

Visit Aunt Bertha
Info courtesy of the Red Cross

This site needs your input
Your content suggestions, photos, announcements, etc. are encouraged. Please contact me with any and all questions, comments and input that you want to share. Tim Shea, Web Sgt.

Thanks to those who have shared articles.
Click email address below to send me email.

Honor Guard 20230505.1.jpg

The Detachment Honor Guard/Firing Detail is looking for new members to provide honors and salutes at memorial events and funerals. Members must be able to handle the M1 Rifle (9.5 pounds) and will need the League undress uniform (white SS shirt and Dress Blue trousers). The “U.S. Marines” Red Satin jacket is also worn in cold weather. Expert training will be provided and no experience (other than Boot Camp) is necessary. Contact Marine Larry George for details - (865) 789-6535


Marine Corps League uniform 2 button red blazers are available at

Prices range from $69.95 to $79.95, depending on size. Red blazers are also available at J.C. as the “Stafford Hopsack Mens Blazer.” Official MCL buttons can be purchased through the Detachment Quartermaster and installed by you or your tailor. 

Red Blazer Jacket.jpg
Send your photos to me for inclusion in the photo albums. Boot camp and active duty, MCL functions, etc. See the Photo Album section of this web site [CLICK HERE to view]
Click here to send me an email with your photos as attachments.
Web Sgt Tim Shea

Here are more options for men's and women's blazers obtained from the MCL National website. Click 

HEREHEREHERE, HERE and HERE. Source for women's blazer HERE

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