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Sgt. Major David R. Hatfield Sr. Pound #271

From The Pound Keeper

Welcome to the Pound Page!

I want to thank all the Pound Officers for their outstanding work over the last year. Our Pound has gone through a lot of changes and loss over the last few years. We weathered the storms and have come out as a better Pound because of it. I have many items that I want to do with our pound, but the three main goals for the next year are:

        Streamline and digitize our Pound business – This point will mainly pertain to our officers but will enable us to better streamline our meetings so we can maximize the time we have together and allow us to have more constructive growls and have fun doing this. This will include the way we communicate between growls using email and messaging programs.
        Education of our Pound – All dogs need to know what their jobs are within the pound. There are resources on the Kennel website that are always being update that include lessons on what each position is responsible for, elements of our growl and how the MODD operates in general. This includes coming to the growl knowing what you need to say when we sound off and preparing our dogs for advancement when they go to Pack and Kennel growls.
        Make our Growls even more Fun!! – I know that for me it is the camaraderie and love of the Corps that brings me back to each growl I go to. I always enjoy seeing the creative ways some dogs generate fines and the items that come up for auctions. I also enjoy visiting other pounds to see some of the different ways they run their growls. The things we can bring into our growls will make them more enjoyable and help our Pups learn the older dogs keep coming back. Any ideas you have, please let me know.
Anytime you have any suggestions, comments, or concerns; feel free to reach out to me and let me know. Your input will make our Pound stronger.

A few housekeeping items before our next growl on December 6th, 2021:
       Dues – If you pay annual dues and have not paid them for the coming year, they are dur NOW!! If you are interested in becoming a life member, remember that you must be a Pedigree Devil Dog and a life member in the Marine Corps League. Life membership requirements and cost are outlined in section 1209 of the Kennel by-laws found on the Kennel Website. Please make every effort to be current on your dues and keep in mind that dues for the 2022-2023 year are due at our June growl.
       Dog/Cat Food Drive – I want our Pound to start donated dog/cat food, leashes and toys to a different local animal shelter each growl. At the heart of our organization is giving and helping others. Lets see if we can brighten the days of our four-legged friends in their time of need. For our December Growl we will be donating items to the Young Williams Animal Shelter in Knoxville. A list of items they accept can be found at
       Contact Information Update – In order to improve our communication between growls, we need to make sure we have current contact information for each and every dog in our Pound. You can help us by going to a survey page to provide this information. Please complete the survey here. Also if you have any outstanding League members that deserve an invitation to join our pound, please fill out our MODD Membership Election Form form so we can consider their invitation at our next growl. You must be at least a Devil Dog to nominate a league member for initiation in the Order.
              Thank you for putting your trust in me and our officers to lead our pound for the next year. I hope you honor us with your presence at our next Growl on December 6th, 2021. Semper Fidelis!


Woof, Woof
PDD Travis Bryan
Sir Pound Keeper
Sgt. Major David R. Hatfield Sr. Pound #271

Watch the re-chartering ceremony

If you have any ideas for the website, growls or have anything to put up for auction; please contact the Pound Keeper PDD Travis Bryan at

Do you know how to sound off??

Stand and salute by raising right paw (arm) bent at a 90-degree angle. With fist closed, saying “Woof-Woof” - remain standing until recognized.

When recognized say - “Sir/Madam Pound Keeper”, “Worthy Pack Leader”, “Honorable Chief Devil Dog” or “Fellow Devil Dog: (respectively, depending on what level officer is being addressed).

Then state – Your Degree (Pup, DD, PDD), Your Name, Dog Tag Number, Pound Name, Pound Number, Pack Name, Current or Highest Title Held, then your reason for barking.

You should have this committed to memory. Practice it!! Sound off load and proud!!

2021 Pound Growls

March 1st     June 7th     September 13th     December 6th

Held at VFW Post #5154

2561 Hobbs Road

Louisville, TN 37777

Social Hour @ 1700

Kibbles available for purchase from post canteen

Growling @ 1800

Help our Pound reach out and help our local animal shelters by bringing dog and cat food to the Growl! 

2021-2022 Pound Officers

Pound Keeper

Sr. Vice Pound Keeper

Jr. Vice Pound Keeper

Jr. Past Pound Keeper

Dog Robber

Smart Dog

Dog Trainer

Mad Dog

Police Dog

Watch Dog

Barking Dog












Travis Bryan

Dan Davis

Brian Hudgins

Ken Ciolfi

David Cates

Eric Nash

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John "Stoney" Saathoff

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