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Sgt. Major David R. Hatfield Sr. Pound #271

From The Pound Keeper

Devil Dogs,


Well, the dog days of summer are upon us. Looking forward to seeing everyone at our next Pound Growl and the Pack Growl at the Department Convention. I want to thank all of our Officers for the past year and looking forward to working with all of the new officers in this upcoming year. A big congrats to our new Pound Dog of the Year DD Dennis Spry. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to our Pound!


A few housekeeping items for you to note:

  • If you are eligible and want to go up for DD or PDD, I need to know ASAP. Going from Pup to DD requires 12 months as a Pup and must be done at a Pack Growl. Going from DD to PDD requires 12 months as a DD and must be done at a Supreme Growl (National Convention).  The due dates for the applications are fast approaching.

  • If you are not a life member of the Pound, your dues need to be paid at the upcoming Growl.

  • It is everyone’s responsibility to help grow our pound! If you have League members that you feel worthy of joining our Order, please fill out an application for them and submit it at the next Growl. They must have been a League member in good standing for at least two years to be nominated.


I look forward to seeing everybody at our next Growl on June 5th. Social hour starts at 1730 and the Growl starts at 1830.



4020 Rutledge Pike

Knoxville, TN 37914


Woof, Woof,


PDD Travis Bryan

Pound Keeper

Sgt. Major David R. Hatfield Sr. Pound #271

Watch the re-chartering ceremony

If you have any ideas for the website, growls or have anything to put up for auction; please contact the Pound Keeper PDD Travis Bryan at

Do you know how to sound off??

Stand and salute by raising right paw (arm) bent at a 90-degree angle. With fist closed, saying “Woof-Woof” - remain standing until recognized.

When recognized say - “Sir/Madam Pound Keeper”, “Worthy Pack Leader”, “Honorable Chief Devil Dog” or “Fellow Devil Dog: (respectively, depending on what level officer is being addressed).

Then state – Your Degree (Pup, DD, PDD), Your Name, Dog Tag Number, Pound Name, Pound Number, Pack Name, Current or Highest Title Held, then your reason for barking.

You should have this committed to memory. Practice it!! Sound off load and proud!!

2023 Pound Growls

March 6th     June 5th     September 11th     December 4th

Held at Shoney's - Rutledge Pike

4020 Rutledge Pike,

Knoxville, TN 37914

Google Maps

Social Hour @ 1730

Menu can be found here.

Growling starts at 1830

2022-2023 Pound Officers

Pound Keeper

Sr. Vice Pound Keeper

Jr. Vice Pound Keeper

Jr. Past Pound Keeper

Dog Robber

Smart Dog

Dog Trainer

Mad Dog

Police Dog

Watch Dog

Barking Dog












Travis Bryan

Ken Ciolfi

Dennis Spry

Ken Ciolfi

David Cates

Eric Nash

Ron Naugle

Dave Terwell

Dennis Spry

Larry George

Richard Barber

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