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Commandant's Message

May 2020


   I hope this short note finds you all in good health. We have had a difficult time over the last months, but we will survive with your help. I ask all who are able; please attend the May meeting on the 26th of this month at 5 pm. The meeting will be outside and under a large pavilion on Campbell Station Road next to the Library; pull to the left as you enter. This outdoor meeting is to help protect the members by keeping a safe distance. We are in a particular need for the members to help pick up the Detachment and move forward after the loss of our good friend and comrade, Sgt Maj. David Hatfield. We provided full Military honors and kudos to all the members who gave their time. David is sorely missed.

   As you know, he was a very hard worker for the Detachment and wore many hats. Thank You, Sgt Maj. Rest in peace.

   We will be doing the ceremony at Virtue Cemetery at 11:00 am on the 25th of May, Memorial Day, the day we honor men and women who died while serving in the U.S. Military. Please attend and support your officers.

   As a final note, remember, you are a member of the best Detachment of MCL in Tennessee, and please help to keep it that way. Stay healthy and safe. God Bless you and God Bless America.


Semper Fi!

Ken DeBoer, Commandant


Farragut, area fallen hero salute

May 28, 2020 by Michelle Hollenhead

Ken DeBoer, Commandant of the Marine Corps League Lt. Alexander Bonnyman Detachment 924, and Charlene Cotton, president of Marine Corps League Auxiliary of Knoxville, presented the Marine Corps Wreath Monday, May 25, during the annual Memorial Day Service in Virtue Cemetery at the Sgt. Mitchell W. Stout Medal of Honor Memorial.

Lt. Alexander Bonnyman Young Marine Lance Cpl. Luke Jones simulated “Taps” while in the background the 924 Detachment’s Marine Corps Honor Guard Rifle Team, having just performed a 21-gun salute, stood at attention during the ceremony.


Author: WBIR Staff

Published: 10:46 AM EDT May 22, 2020

Updated: 10:46 AM EDT May 22, 2020

From the Chaplain

May 2020


“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:14

    Help us to honor a brave Marine, by remembering his ultimate sacrifice this Memorial Day. We are honoring with gratitude my closest friend and brother-in-arms, during my second orders to Vietnam.
   Sergeant Gary Keith More, USMC. Born: Ontario, Canada,      November 13, 1946 Killed in Action: Dien Ban, Quang Nam Prov-ince, August 30, 1970 Vietnam Memorial: Panel 7W / Row 24
    Gary entered service in the United States Marine Corps on May 12, 1969 at Detroit, Michigan. He arrived in Vietnam on November 29, 1969, where he was assigned to the 2nd Combined Action Group, III Marine Amphibious Force, serving as platoon lead-er of CAP 2-3-2, located near Hoi An, between Danang and Chu Lai.
    CAPs (Combined Action Platoons) were usually mobile units, while some rifle squads manned small and remote outpost garrisons, where Marines would live, train, and patrol with local Vietnamese Nghia Quan. A squad of Marines would be assigned to hamlets and villages that had a high enemy presence to work with their counterparts, while instilling a fighting spirit within these local barefoot militias. Together, we were entrusted with a mandate to prevent the infiltration of enemy troops into the villages, and to protect families from our mutual foes, the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army.
...continued in From the Chaplain section in the Bonnyman Gazette. (Click here for the Gazette)

Ron Naugle

Detachment Chaplain

PO Box 1200

Powel, TN 27849



The elections of five Detachment Officers was held during the January Detachment Meeting. The officers for 2020 are:

  • Detachment Commandant:   Ken DeBoer

  • Senior Vice Commandant: Carlos Reyes

  • Junior Vice Commandant:  Dave Terwell

  • Paymaster:                          Lee Rhinemiller

  • Judge Advocate:                      

Click here for officer contact details

Photo courtesy of

Capt. Owen S. Haddock USAF, FMR    Knoxville Chapter MOWW

2020 Pistol Match Schedule

  • Jack McGivney Memorial...........Cancelled

  • Jim Peacock.................................To be announced


Windrock Shooting Range

Oliver Springs TN.

  • The large cal. matches must be 9mm or above, cost $25.

  • There will also be a .22 Cal. match for an extra $20.

  • All matches will shoot 45 rounds.

  • You will be shooting 7,10, 15 and 25 yards both matches.

  • Iron sights only. Max 6-inch barrel.

  • Fees include lunch.



Jay Holmes

2020 Rifle Match Schedule


  • Bill Gersh M-1/M-1A .............  Cancelled

       Rain date ..................................  TBD


  • Gene Collins Open ................  October 10

       Rain date ..................................  TBD

2327 Rifle Range Rd, Knoxville, TN 37918, USA

These events are CMP matches, which is a 200 yard firing distance, a total of 35 rounds will be fired in the following order—

  5 spotter rounds from the prone position

10 slow fire rounds from the prone

10 rounds from prone rapid fire (5 rounds in 2 magazines)

10 rounds Standing (off hand).

These are iron site matches, NO SCOPES of any kind.


You have to be at the front gate at 0700. The cost of the Match is $20.00 which will be taken at registration which will start at approximately 0745. We will start firing at 0815-0830. The Young Marines of Knoxville will be pulling targets so you don’t have pit duty at these matches -- there will be a tip jar for the Young Marines so bring some extra money for these young Marines, they work hard so you don’t have to.

If you want to shoot these matches but don’t have an M1 or M1A for the Bill Gersh match or a military style rifle for the Gene Collins match, the range has M-1 rifles to lend you. All you have to do is buy their ammo which is 30-06 and the cost is $20.00, this is match ammo. If you have never shot a M-1 rifle we will give you a short class on the rifle, a knowledge of shooting is required.


Jeff Tegzes
865 988-6247

Click on image to enlarge
VSO Senior Center Flyer April to June 20
The Vet Center is located at 1645 Downtown West Blvd, Knoxville TN

Young volunteers place flags at East Tennessee State Veterans Cemetery for Memorial Day

The local chapter of the Young Marines visited the cemetery to honor the East Tennesseans who have served their country.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — A group of young volunteers honored East Tennesseans veterans Friday by placing flags ahead of Memorial Day. 

The local chapter of the Young Marines visited East Tennessee State Veterans Cemetery, located on John Sevier Highway, to place the flags. 

The Young Marines is a national non-profit program for kids aged eight through the completion of high school. The leaders of the East Tennessee chapter said, by honoring those who've served, the kids are learning what their patriotism can help them do for their community.

"We try to teach our young Marines the importance of honoring those who have served," said Charlene Cotton, leader of The Young Marines Lt. Alexander Bonnyman Unit. "That instills not only a sense of patriotism but of responsibility and community service, so that they recognize that their participation matters."

Young Marines lay roses to honor Veterans for Memorial Day

By Erica Lunsford | 

Posted: Mon 7:54 PM, May 25, 2020


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- On Monday, members of the Lt. Alexander Bonnyman Young Marines laid out over 2,000 roses on the graves of heroes at the East Tennessee Veterans Cemetery along John Sevier Highway.

Source: (WVLT)

Young Marines members like Luke Jones, say they are honored to be able to give back to Veterans who sacrificed for our country.

"Not a lot of people know what Memorial Day is about, they just kind of assume. But meanwhile, on the lines, people are losing friends and family," said Jones. "It makes me really sad when I come here and see a family getting emotional, and it hurts me personally because I know what It's like to lose someone."

This is the first time for the Lt Alexander Bonnyman Young Marines laying flowers for veterans at the cemetery.

Members and leaders hope to make it a tradition.

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Pocket Badge and Pocket Crest
These are officially sanctioned by MCL to replace the embroidered  pocket crest on the breast pocket of the MCL red blazer. The 3-D crest rubs the left coat sleeve and damages it. The pocket badge / pocket crest causes no damage and does not penetrate the pocket with studs. Slips into the pocket. Clear mount accommodates wearing on other color garments.
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Here are some samples
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Pocket Crest Hatfield.JPG
Pocket Crest Tim.JPG
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“Fill an Urgent Care Prescription


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From Knox County Veterans Services Office
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